I am a seasoned business owner, graphic designer, and professional illustrator with over twenty years of experience working for clients in all parts of the country ranging from large, multi-national companies such as American Express and Hewlett Packard to small business owners of technology start-ups and media companies – EarthSayers.tv and Katz Media.

Highly skilled in both digital and traditional mediums, versatility is a hallmark of my work. Concept, typography design, custom lettering, illustration, photography and passion are all integrated into my creative process resulting in original work that communicates effectively the client’s brand, message and core values. The end result is always highly polished and is a rich tapestry of vision, focus and years of hands on experience.

My experience began after spending three years at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York when the desire to work and the offer of a job from The National Lampoon converged. Then the magazine staff and our Madison Avenue corridors were a hub of the best of design, comedy, and entertainment: Chevy Chase, John Belusi, and PJ. O’Rourke, to name-drop a few.

My work doing paste up and mechanicals led me to Time Warner working on their signature how-to books and drawing everything from blenders to boat knots. When they relocated the division from New York City to Virginia, I moved west.

It was 1978 and I was privileged to work as a design assistant and production specialist for the innovative and creative agency, Landor Associates. Our teams worked on designs for established brands such as British Airways and Safeway as well as newly launched products for Coca Cola, Oral B and Frito Lay. Their reputation as the top creative agency coupled with their offices being on the 1924 Klamath ferry boat, moored at the edge of the continent and on San Francisco Bay, made Landor Associates the envy of every designer and the place I worked happily for five years.

Leaving Landor to establish my own business was a giant step and led, eventually, to my being able to move from the City into the country where I now reside in hearing range of cows and working with client who engage me to do Websites, logo design and print design in the form of business cards, publication redesign, signage, and other collateral materials.

My illustration and design clients have included Alaska Airlines, American Express, Apple Computer, Citibank, David Pogue, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Jackson County, Katz Media, Letters & Arts, O’Reilly Publishers, Pacific Bell, PeachPit Press, The Rogue Design Group, San Francisco Symphony, The Women’s Philharmonic, Time Magazine, Verizon, Salesforce and many small businesses and non-profit clients worldwide.